Corespin Brand Portal

Global Resource Tools for the Life and Culture of Your Brand

Unified brand guidelines and brand asset management.

Corespin Brand Portal extends the Corespin platform to provide a comprehensive suite of tools implemented to effectively manage and share your brand with all stakeholders. We take brand guidelines and brand asset management to a new realm of opportunity. With tailored perspectives for each user type, your brand portal implementation may include guidelines, tutorials, digital asset management, project management, calendars, forums, communications and other unique features - all aimed at fostering stakeholder brand buy-in and promoting global consistency, optimization, awareness and a clear brand culture.

Corespin Brand Portal gives you unprecedented flexibility and customization for brand management initiatives and is designed to serve your global audience of internal and external users as the primary information, guidelines, and asset distribution system for your brands - this is the centralized brand library you have dreamed of with instant access to volumes of information and countless digital assets.

Corespin Brand Portal elegantly extends to include public facing initiatives and intranet/extranet features. Your brand portal can be implemented to meet the internal and public initiatives of multiple departments and divisions.

A brand portal delivers significant return on investment.

Your brand managers, key executives, and global user base will benefit with long desired single-system production management, direct quality control of brand guidelines and assets, and informative analytics. Your organization will enjoy key cost-saving benefits including efficient access to brand information and assets, ready re-use/re-purposing of design materials, global collaboration on design projects, consistent and accurate application of brand materials, and unified implementation of all design initiatives.

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